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Larson Irrigation Consolidation Phase II

The Larson Irrigation Project provided cost-share funding to design, bid, and construct the consolidation of two gravel push-up irrigation diversions and a portion of a third, located on Berry Creek, and a single diversion located on Canyon Creek into a pump station located at the confluence of Canyon Creek and Berry Creek.  The pump station will deliver irrigation water into a buried pipe system distributed to the water righted lands.  This pump station will retain the original sources of water which means it will draw from both Berry Creek and Canyon Creek with separate metering systems to insure the respective volume of water is being withdrawn from each source.

The three diversions located on Berry Creek and the diversion on Canyon Creek were rock push-up dams that use a combination of rock streambed material and rubble to divert irrigation water into an existing ditch system.  None of the diversions met current fish passage criteria during all flow conditions making the diversions a substantial fish passage barrier.

The water right that is withdrawn to operate the system is a split season right.  The water right withdrawn in the early season at a rate of 1/40 cfs. per acre is 1.125/0.563 cfs will be withdrawn from Berry Creek and 0.115/0.08 cfs will be withdrawn from Canyon Creek.

Larson Pump Station Bid Results.pdfLARSON PUMP STATION DESIGN P1-P8 and C1-C26 (8-3-16).pdf