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Ricco Hall Ditch Diversion

The Bid Tour will begin at 8:00 am at the junction of Highway 26 and Keeney Fork Rd,
approximately 3.5 miles west of Prairie City. The project area is southeast of this location on
private property. Bidders must provide their own transportation. Conditions along access are
predicted to be wet, dress accordingly. If the bidder is not able to attend the pre bid tour, or if
bid packages are needed after the tour, they can be obtained either by stopping by the District
Office or by calling or emailing a District representative. Electronic copies are available.
Bidders must provide their own transportation. Bid documents may be obtained from the Grant
Soil and Water Conservation District office in hard copy form at any time, or in digital form by
contacting a District representative at (541) 575-0135 or emailing

Ricco Hall Ditch Diversion Package.pdf