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Grant SWCD History

Grant SWCD was officially organized under Oregon Soil and Water District Law, with the issuance of a Certificate of Organization by the Secretary of State on July 30, 1956.  The need for this District and determination of its boundaries were completed at a public hearing held March 8, 1956, at the Courthouse in Canyon City.  The referendum on the creation of the Grant SWCD was held April 19, 1956 and approved by a landowner vote of 80 in favor and 4 against.  Before the first organization meeting was held, 28 landowners from the Izee and Dayville areas petitioned the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission to transfer these areas from the Monument SWCD to the Grant SWCD.  The petition was approved by the Grant SWCD and the Commission on July 20, 1956.  The Secretary of State certified the change on March 29, 1957, establishing the present Grant SWCD area.

The original intent of organizing the Grant SWCD was to obtain technical assistance for landowners in working out their problems in range management, erosion control of streams, irrigation development, and other conservation work. Early objectives of the District included development of full and lasting use of water, land, and other resources.  This was to be pursued by entering into cooperative agreements and working with individuals and groups of ranchers and farmers, and enlisting the help of all existing organizations and agencies.


The Original Board of Supervisors consisted of:


  • J.W. Southworth
  • A.L. Conforth
  • Erving T. Stanbro


  • George Barry
  • E.P. Smith