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Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB)

Grant Weed Control partners with the North Fork John Day Watershed Council on an OWEB grant for Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula L.)that they administer.  We also partner with Grant SWCD on an OWEB grant they have on Ballance Creek to developed off stream watering facilities and riparian fencing to help protect fish habitat..  Grant Weed Control treats the site for weeds that germinate after the  disturbance caused by the project implementation.  

This picture shows recently installed off stream watering facilities put in place after a riparian fence was erected to keep cattle out of Ballance Creek that will help restore aquatic habitat.  Due to the disturbance of leveling pads for the troughs and pipeline implementation scotch thistle has germinated in the bare ground left behind.
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This picture shows where the pipeline was buried and  scotch thistle that germinated in the bare ground left after project implementation.