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Who we are

District Organization and Leadership:

 The Grant SWCD is administered by a governing body of five unpaid directors duly elected for four-year terms by the owners and occupiers of land that is located within Grant SWCD boundaries.  Three of the five director positions are classified as zone positions, and must meet the zone requirements provided by ORS 568.560. To qualify as a zone director, a person must own or manage 10 or more acres of land within the zone, or meet requirements in lieu of land ownership/management, and be a registered voter.

The additional two director positions are considered at-large positions. To qualify for an at-large position, a person must live within the boundaries of the Grant SWCD and be a registered voter. For more information on board position requirements, refer to ORS 568.560, or talk with a Grant SWCD Director or Staff Member.

Associate directors are community members officially appointed by the board to serve as advisors and representatives to the district and from the district to other groups. The position offers a way to educate potential new directors, broaden community input to the district and expand its programs. Associate directors do not vote on board decisions but augment the board’s knowledge and experience and assist with district programs. Associate directors serve one year terms and may be re-appointed.

Director Responsibilities:

An individual board member may only exercise their authority and responsibility of his or her position when the board is in legal session and only as part of a specific board action (e.g. resolution, motion, policy, etc.) and must be recorded in the public meetings minutes.  Individual board members may be given limited authority to act on behalf of the board only when authorized by a specific board action.

The responsibilities of the board of directors include but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Oversee employment and supervision of such staff as the district needs to conduct the business of the district;
  • Establish policies and procedures for the district;
  • Authorize official actions of the district;
  • Review all financial claims against the district and authorize payment;
  • Conduct an annual review of district financial records;
  • Comply with all state and federal statutes and rules relating to the district operations;
  • Identify local natural resource issues and develop annual and long-range plans to address those needs;
  • Ensure the board's policies and activities are consistent with the policies of the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Division and the Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Commission;
  • Conduct periodic "self-evaluation" of the board's progress toward accomplishing its mission and work plans; and
  • Implement district programs effectively.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the directors, as a board, have legal powers under ORS 568.550.