The Grant Soil & Water Conservation District staff is dedicated to our shared mission.

Jason Kehrberg, District Manager

Phone: (541) 575-0135 ext. 110  Email: (redacted)


Pat Holliday, Programs Assistant

Phone: (541)575-0135 ext. 101   Email: (redacted)


Levi Voigt, District Engineer

Phone: (541)575-0135 ext. 115  Email: (redacted)


Tereasa Perkins, CREP Technician

phone:(541)575-0135 ext 106  Email:(redacted)   Email:(redacted) 


Matt Wenick, Weed Control Coordinator

Phone: (541)575-1554   or   (541)575-0135 ext. 112 

Email: (redacted)


Kyle Sullivan, GIS/Engineering Technician   

Phone: (541)5575-0135 ext. 111    Email: (redacted)


 Cole Winegar, Staff Engineer   

Phone: (541)575-0135 ext. 105     Email: (redacted)


Shane Koppel, Weed Control Technician  

Phone (541)575-0135 ext. 121   or   (541) 575-1554   

Email: (redacted)