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2017 Aquatic Habitat Restoration Projects

1.  USFS Big Creek Restoration, Project lead is Levi Voigt.  This project will promote the recovery of natural stream processes and floodplain connectivity by regrading existing mine tailing piles, creating side channels, adding large wood features, and installing a new bottomless culvert along Big Creek, a Tributary of the Middle Fork.

2.  BLM Alder Creek Phase II, Project lead is Levi Voigt.  This project will enhance instream conditions for the benefit of water quality, aquatic species, and stream function along Alder Creek.

3.  Modified Lower McHaley Ditch Diversion (Phase 1), Levi Voigt is the project lead.  This project will Eliminate the use of the Lower McHaley Diversion Site, replace open ditch with buried pipe for the combined water from the Lower Site into the Upper McHaley Diversion, and restore/enhance the fish habitat conditions within the between reach for the benefit of juvenile steelhead and salmon.  Pipeline expanded to include piping of the upper McHaley ditch with irrigation risers as construction funding allows.