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Title II Program

Each year Grant Weed Control applies for funding through a competitive grant program provided by the Secure Rural Schools act (SRS act) to help local private landowners gain control of noxious weeds on their property that can cause massive economic losses if left untreated.   According to the National Association of Counties:  "The SRS program provides assistance to rural counties and school districts affected by the decline in revenue from timber harvests on federal lands.  Historically, rural communities and schools have relied on a share of receipts from timber harvests to supplement local funding for education services and roads.  During the 1980's, national policies substantially diminished the revenue-generating activity permitted in these forests.  The resulting steep decline in timber sales decreased the revenues that rural counties and school districts recieved from forest management activities."

Each spring Grant Weed Control advertises through the Blue Mt. Eagle news paper and KJDY radio station to let landowners know when we start accepting applications and the deadline to have them turned into the office.

For more information on Grant Weed Control's Title II Program please call Matt Wenick at (541)575-1554