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Malheur NF Allotment Improvement Project

Grant SWCD gained funding through the USFS Title II program to implement a collaborative partnership with Grant SWCD, Malheur National Forest, and private grazing permittees to implement grazing improvement projects on the Malheur NF allotments.  This project coordinated a successful proactive management strategy, geared towards developing and implementing practical management solutions to achieve both conservation goals and the sustainable use of Federal Grazing Lands.

This project modified, enhanced or replaced, off stream stock water facilities, allotment fences, culverts, fence removal, riparian work and drift fences.

Before pond is cleaned out
May contain: tree, plant, nature, wilderness, outdoors, ground, fir, abies, land, and conifer
After pond is cleaned out
New allotment fence
water tank outside
Newly developed spring showing full trough
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Newly developed spring, showing water source and fencing protection.