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Meredith #1 & #2 Diversion

The Meredith Diversion No. 1 & 2 Replacement Project provided a portion of funding for materials and contracting to consolidate two irrigation diversions into a single, fish friendly structure. The existing structures were a barrier to fish passage for most life stages of salmonids during certain times of year.

This is of the Meredith 1&2 Diversion.  This photo is taken looking down the ditch from the fish screen AFTER construction.  In the foreground is the measurement  device that was installed in the ditch as part of the 2015 construction project.  This measurement device is designed to measure the withdrawal of both the Meredith #1 ditch and the Meredith #2 ditch.  In the background is the water delivery control box that controls the amount of water that is delevered from the original point of diversion into the respective delivery ditches.
Outdoors woods water
This photo is taken looking upstream at the Meredith #1 & 2 Diversion.  Centered in the picture is the location of the previous diversion structure that was removed as part of the project.  On the left bank looking upstream is the works for the headgate inlet structure, as well as the fish passage structure.  The foreground of the picture is the pool and roughened channel that was created downstream of the removable check dam diversion.
This photo is taken from the East bank of Beech Creek looking toward the diversion structure and the inlet and fish passage structures.  On the far right is the existing fish screen which, will screen the water for both diversion ditches.  In the center of the photo is the removable check structure and the fish passage boxes.  On the far right is the headgate inlet structure.
Water in the outdoors
This photo is taken from the water's edge on the East bank of Beech Creek with a closer view of the fish passage boxes and diversion removable check structure.  On the right, you can see the exit to the fish passage (Upstream) and on the left you can see the entrance to the fish passage (Downstream). On the far left of the photo, below the concrete diversion blocks, you can see a pool that was constructed to dissipate energy as well as provide a staging area for juveniles moving upstream through the fish passage structure.