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Meredith #3 Diversion

The Meredith #3 Diversion modified an existing concrete diversion by constructing an engineered riffle over the existing structure after the structure had been chipped down below finish grade, installing a large rock apron and grade control structure downstream to stabilize the channel, installing a pool into the lower portion of the apron, installing a submerged headgate inlet box and creating an in-channel low flow passage channel.

 The existing concrete structure was originally poured in place over a bedrock section of the creek bed. Fish passage was provided over the structure through a fish ladder installed by ODFW in 2004. However, the ladder did not meet current fish passage criteria during all flow conditions making the diversion a substantial fish passage barrier. The concrete barrier had headcut behind the structure, creating an approximate 3 ft jump in elevation from the water surface below the structure to the water surface above the structure.

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Prior to construction - existing diversion (looking North)
Outdoors woods water
Prior to construction - existing diversion (looking East)
Outdoors woods water
Photo taken from downstream looking at the riffle crest in the center of the picture.  The sheet steel headwall and the water inlet box are in the right of the photo, and the rock apron is in the foreground.
Outdoors river
Photo taken from just above the inlet box and headgate located in the bottom of the photo.  The riffle crest followed by the rock apron is located in the center of the photo.