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Meredith #4 Diversion phase 1

The Meredith #4 Diversion addressed fish passage issues in Little Beech Creek, a tributary of Beech Creek which is a tributary of the Upper Mainstem John Day River. The project replaced an existing rock diversion with an engineered rock riffle diversion.

 In addition to the in stream work done to provide natural fish passage at all flow levels, approximately 3000 lineal feet of pipeline was installed to provide irrigation efficiency and to get the water to the ground under which it was water righted to serve. This portion of the project eliminated ditch leakage in the area between the diversion point and the lands in which the water irrigated which decreased the amount of water needed at the point of diversion.

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Existing Diversion (Looking East)
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Proposed Diversion Location (Looking East)
Headgate Inlet Box showing the delivery headgate as well as the headgate to the flush pipe on the downstream edge of the box.  Stream flow is left to right in this photo, and the roughened rock apron continues out of the photo to the right.
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Looking Upstream from the bottom of the rock apron showing the roughness of the apron and the channel complexity that was added to structure.