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Upland Projects

1.  Pine Creek Firewise, Kyle Sullivan is the project lead.  This program will manage and cost-share the performance of fuel reduction activities to create defensible space around residential structures within the Pine Creek Firewise Area.

2.  Fry Camp Ranch Improvement, Jason Kehrberg is the project lead.  The project will design and implement range improvements by the landowner to improve grazing distribution, rangeland health, and protect existing Aspen stands.

3.  McClellan Creek Upland Water Development, Jason Kehrberg is the project lead.  This program is to design, manage, and cost-share the materials to install a solar powered pump stockwater system by the landowner to promote better grazing distribution and reduce concentrated livestock impacts to adjacent riparian areas.

4.  Mountain Creek Watershed Restoration, Jason Kehrberg and Irene Jerome are the project leads.  This project provides funding to Cost-share with 8 landowners to perform 660 acres of pre-commercial thinning in the Mountain Creek Watershed to improve forest health and ease fire danger conditions.